Keukenhof: Tulip extravaganza in Holland


Amsterdam is a city best known for its canals, vibrant red light district and numerous cannabis coffee shops. However, during the Spring do not miss the tulips at Keukenhof. It is the world’s largest flower garden and is located in Lisse, The Netherlands, about 40 minutes outside of Amsterdam.

Keukenhof is spectacular and the Gardens covers 80 acres of more than 7 million blooming tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, freesia, hydrangea, gerbera, daffodils, roses, and many more spring bulbs with 15 km of pedestrian paths for visitors to fully discover the beauty of the park.

Everywhere you look there are fields and fields of different kinds of tulips. You do need to time your visit correctly though as if you go too early you might only see the bulbs and if you go too late there might not be as many flowers in full bloom. Each year the theme at Keukenhof is different. For the year 2014 it was ‘Holland’.

At Keukenhof I discovered fringed tulips- didn’t know that even existed- and also a very deep purple almost black colored tulip. Very unusual. I’d imagine those would look stunning in a home environment where white and pale grey interiors are dominant.


You can put aside about 3 or 4 hours to wonder around either side of lunch. I don’t recommend eating there- the choices are not altogether inspiring. The hot dog I had from one of the stands was probably one of the worst ones I have ever had. Very tasteless, though edible if you are in a pinch. I loooooove hot dogs by the way, and think the ones you can get from New York food trucks are most awesome ! Friends tell me though that the best ones are to be found in Copenhagen (strangely enough.)

You can get to Keukenhof by driving like we did. Parking costs 6 euros. And entrance to the park is 16 euros each. You can also go by public transport too by catching the Keukenhof express. The easiest way to get to Keukenhof is by the Keukenhof Express buses which provide non-stop service. The journey takes 25-35 minutes and they leave about every 15 minutes from the following locations:

Schiphol Plaza ā€“ bus 858 outside of Arrival Hall 4, last bus leaves Keukenhof 7:47pm
Leiden Central Station ā€“ bus 854 located on town centre side, last bus leaves Keukenhof at 7:51pm
Important tip Amsterdam to Keukenhof: to get to Keukenhof from the center of Amsterdam take the Connexxion bus service 197 to Schiphol and transfer at Schiphol Plaza to the Keukenhof Express.

The bus is 6 euros per person for one- way. So a return would be 12 euros per person.

Personally, the best time to visit would be the middle of April. However, we went at the very end of April and it was still really great.

All the photos that you see before you go does not do the Gardens justice. In real life, Keukenhof is an explosion of colour and it was such a pleasure to visit.


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